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The MX House

Please settle additional Park & Track fees at the gate.

  • 3 Bedroom, 1 loft
  • 2 bathroom
  • Sleeps max 12
  • Fully self-catering, read more

Per Night - R2 860


Day Lapa

Please settle additional Park & Track fees at the gate.

  • LAPA 1 - close to Ablution
  • LAPA 2 - close to kiddie track
  • LAPA 3 - on the kiddies track
  • LAPA 4 - on far side of kiddies track

Per Day - R154



Please settle additional Park & Track fees at the gate.

Per Person Per Night - R100


Function Lapa

Please settle additional Park & Track fees at the gate.

  • Bon fire pit
  • Ladies & Gents Ablution
  • Guests max 50
  • Fully self-catering

Per Day - R2 500


Academy Track

Please settle additional Park & Track fees at the gate.

  • Training
  • Teambuilding
  • Car Launches
  • Exhibitions

Per HOUR - R3 000



Please settle additional Park & Track fees at the gate.

  • Private airfield
  • 950m x18m tarmac
  • Class B, runway
  • Paved access

Per HOUR - R3 500

MX Tracks

1Entrance Fees
MAIN GATES opens at 06H00 and close 18H00
  • Park Fees R30 per person
  • PLUS:
  • R 70.00 per adult bike over 90cc or R 55.00 per child quad/bike under 90cc
  • R 80.00 per quad
  • absolutely no pets
  • helmets on as soon as you get on the bike
  • you may not speed, throw doughnuts or wheelie in the parking and braai area
  • report all accidents to the marshal
  • keep to the track. Do not make or create your own
  • adhere to the road signs
  • respect the safety of the farm animals & environment
  • respect for the MARSHAL
  • For the extreme sports enthusiast the MX trails, including one for children, will keep you occupied. The park also has outride trails, from a 5km fun run trail to the longest one, at 25km. Every Person will be required to sign an Indemnity on entering the park.


    The trails are unique to LegendsMX, This area is steeped in Anglo-Boer war history that can be viewed while riding your mountain bike surrounded by the beauty of the veld and wildlife. We have Zebra, Impala, Eland, Springbok, Blesbok, Warthog and even Blue Wildebeest.

    Grooling 34km
    Challenging 20km
    Essential 13km
    Fun 6km
    • 1
      Trials are situated on a working farm.
    • 2
      The trial routes meanders through maize fields, grazing cattle and wildlife camps.
    5km [Pram Friendly]

    Enquire now - for your pre- 2021 route launch group hike.

    Discover the protected Bankenveld of this part of the Magalliesberg.

    Heritage - Discover the 120 year old remains of the Boer war on this heritage site.

    Join - on one of three distances:

    • 15km
    • 10km
    • 5km

    Mount Perry Diner

    The diner is open Saturdays and Sundays from 7.30am to 4.30pm.
    This family restaurant also sells firewood, ice and charcoal, among other supplies.

    Choose from a selection gourmet milkshakes, energy drinks or ice cold beverages.
    Cold Beverages
    Freshly baked with sweetness out of the oven from our hearts to yours!
    Freshly Baked
    A burger without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze. Order your burgers or toasties inside.
    You can't buy happiness...but you can buy Ice Cream, and that is pretty much the same thing!
    Ice Cream
    Ice Cold Beer
    A bad day with coffee is better than a good day whithout it.
    Bean Coffee

    EVENTS That We're Proud Of

    Mount Perry Diner

    Pick up your BRAAI essentials at the Mount Perry Diner.





    Sicle Wood



    Biscuits and

    Droë Wors


    Matches and



    Legend Sky Aviation Training

    We believe that aviation training should be of the highest international standard, safe and affordable. It is with this vision that our CEO Dave Naude established Legend sky in 2008 and has trained thousands of pilots since. Our pilots can be found at airlines, agricultural operations, charter companies and instructing at our branches.

    "Our mission here at Legends Sky is to get you through those tough moments relying on our team's expertise in starting and growing pilots."

    Dave Naude - CEO

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    Pop in for a coffee any day of the week.